Jason West Chief Statistician, Bureau of Meteorology

Master of Biostatistics, University of Sydney 2022

Bridging statistical theory with practical implementation of methods is the greatest strength of almost every unit in the Master of Bioststistics. I found the depth of content and formal treatment of fundamental theory underpinning statistics to be a difficult but very satisfying aspect of this course. Prior to the course I considered myself to be a competent statistician, working as a quant in financial trading. But this course greatly broadened my knowledge of statistics, particularly working with extremely small and extremely large data sets. The opportunity to engage with and learn from experts in the field really enhanced the experience. I am certainly much more competent in statistical methods now than I was before.

Sze-Ee Soh Senior lecturer, Department of Physiotherapy, Monash University

Master of Biostatistics, Monash University and BCA Star Graduate 2021

Post PhD, I was fairly confident in using statistical software packages to perform a specific set of functions but I really wanted to understand the mechanics underpinning complex statistics. With the encouragement of Prof Andrew Forbes, I enrolled in the BCA Master of Biostatistics (at a snail’s pace i.e. one unit per semester in order to balance my fulltime workload). The course has given me a really solid foundation and improved my ability to design research projects with sound methodology and statistical analysis plans. Even though the course is delivered online, the tutors used innovative ways to engage with students which was fantastic! I strongly recommend the course to anyone who is interested in delving further into biostatistics because it is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Matthew Borg PhD Candidate The University of Adelaide

Master of Biostatistics, The University of Adelaide and BCA Star Graduate 2021

Undertaking the Masters of Biostatistics was one of the best decisions of my professional career. It enhanced the data analytic skills and knowledge gained during my undergraduate training in medicine and medical science. These skills were invaluable as a biostatistician for clinical trials and during my PhD candidature. In an era where public health and medical trials are on the forefront of news thanks to the pandemic, there is a demand for biostatisticians. I would strongly recommend the BCA Masters for those interested in medical statistics and health science; it is also broadly applicable to many careers. Be warned, undertaking BCA courses may lead to your peers labelling you as the “stats guy!”

Polly Spencer Anaesthetist, Gold Coast University Hospital

Master of Biostatistics, University of Queensland 2021

Duleepa Jayasundara Principle Biostatistician and Analytics Manager, NSW Ministry of Health

Master of Biostatistics, University of Sydney and BCA Star Graduate 2021

Nikki Fozzard Lecturer, School of PAM - Anatomy Physiology Biology, Griffith University

Master of Biostatistics, University of Queensland and BCA Star Graduate 2020

The knowledge and skills I’ve developed through my study with the BCA have made me competitive in the industry and have increased my confidence as a biostatistician. I felt overwhelmingly supported as a student undertaking my Master while maintaining full-time work and caring for a young family.

Hao-Wen Sim Medical Oncologist, St Vincent's Hospital and Chris O'Brien Lifehouse, Sydney Clinical Lead (Cooperative Trials Group for Neuro-Oncology), NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney

Master of Biostatistics, University of Sydney and BCA Star Graduate 2019

My primary work is as a medical oncologist. I commenced the Master of Biostatistics course whilst undertaking an overseas fellowship, during which I rekindled my passion and aptitude for mathematics, computing and clinical trials research. This was absolutely the perfect match for me, i.e. dedicated biostatistics teaching that I am truly passionate about. It has been personally fulfilling – I discovered my vocation for biostatistics – and as things turn out, it has been invaluable for my part-time academic role at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre. I firmly attest that biostatistics form the foundation of well-designed clinical trials and facilitate an informed interpretation of the literature.

I am grateful for the generous knowledge and wisdom shared by my lecturers, mentors and fellow students during this intensive three-year journey of biostatistical learning and discovery. I am proud of the BCA Master of Biostatistics course and highly recommend it – I hope to see more colleagues pursue this accomplishment.

Paul Sanfilippo Biostatistician, Monash Addiction Research Centre

Master of Biostatistics, University of Melbourne and BCA Star Graduate 2019

I have always had an interest in data analytics but my Ph.D. really made me aware that with all the analyses I was doing I didn’t a have a good understanding of what was going on ‘under the hood. So I decided to change that and undertook the BCA Masters (one subject a semester over 6 years due to other work and family commitments). If you have an interest in maths/stats this is a great course and I found it extremely rewarding on both a personal and professional level. While I have always enjoyed the research I have now successfully made the transition to biostatistics and am currently working as a biostatistician in an academic department.

I often think of the quote credited to Karl Pearson (a British mathematician and arguably the father of modern statistics):
“Statistics is the grammar of science”
As grammar in language ensures clarity in communication, so too does statistics to ensure clarity in not only our research but also our thinking, and more broadly to explaining what goes on in the world around us.

I can thoroughly recommend this course

Andy Wang Cardiac anaesthetist & medical perfusionist, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney and Clinical Senior Lecturer, Sydney Medical School (Northern)

Master of Biostatistics, University of Sydney 2019

It’s exciting to have completed this! I must say this is the most rewarding and best postgraduate course I have taken so far!
I am getting my daughter to take it in a few years time 🙂

Highly recommended!

Nathanael Lucas Paediatric Registrar, Christchurch Hospital

Master of Biostatistics, University of Adelaide 2019

The BCA Masters of Biostatistics has been a highlight of my academic career, the course was intellectually stimulating, challenging but also rewarding. I went into the degree anticipating on learning skills to help me become a better clinician researcher but I learnt so much more. I now have wide ranging skills from biostatistical programming, to writing randomised controlled trials and so much more. I would recommend the BCA programme for anyone wanting to explore the Biostatistical world.

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