Biostatistical Research/Practical Project (WPP)

The aim of this unit is that the student gains practical experience, usually in workplace settings, in the application of knowledge and skills learnt during the coursework of the masters program.


Coordinator will depend on university

General outline


Minimum of 4 units, including Regression Modelling for Biostatistics 1 and Data Management & Statistical Computing

Semester availability

Semesters 1 and 2 - upon arrangement with BCA Program Coordinator at the student’s home university

Unit Options

Unit options:

  • a one-project unit – worth equivalent credit points to a single unit; Note that this option is not available at all BCA universities. Please check the Graduate Handbook and consult the program coordinator at your home university.
  • a two-project unit – worth equivalent credit points to 2 units

The schedule of study for students will be determined on a case-by-case basis with the BCA Program Coordinator at the students’ home university, based on student needs and goals. Students choosing the one-project unit will need to make up credit points equal to the Masters Degree by choosing an elective.


The student will usually provide evidence of having met this goal by presenting a portfolio or thesis made up of a preface and project reports. An outline of the options for the structure of this unit, including supervision and assessment requirements, is available here


PLEASE NOTE Adequate supervisory arrangements must be in place before students commence this unit. Students wishing to complete the Masters Degree must discuss options for WPP with the BCA program coordinator at their home university. The requirements of individual universities may differ. Depending on the university, 1, 2 and 4 unit options may be available for WPP.

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