Mathematical Background for Biostatistics (MBB)

On completion of this unit students will be able to follow the mathematical demonstrations and proofs used in biostatistics at Masters degree level, and to understand the mathematics behind statistical methods introduced at that level. The intention is to allow students to concentrate on statistical concepts in subsequent units, and not be distracted by the mathematics employed.

Dr Murthy Mittinty University of Adelaide, School of Public Health Semester 1
General outline



Time commitment

8 -15 hours total study time per week, depending on the amount of revision required

Semester availability

Semester 1


Assignments 100%: functions and limits (20%) calculus (40%) linear algebra (40%)

Prescribed Texts

1. Anton H, Bivens I, Davis S. Calculus Early Transcendentals 11th edition. Wiley 2019 2. Anton, Howard. Elementary Linear Algebra. 12th edition, Wiley 2019 Note: There are a number of Anton versions; be sure you have the correct one. For details see the BCA Textbook and Software Guide

Recommended Texts

Useful but not essential text: Healy, MJR. Matrices for Statistics, 2nd edition. Oxford University Press, 2000

Special Computer Requirements

Wolfram Alpha (online free resource)


Basic algebra and analysis; exponential functions; calculus; series, limits, approximations and expansions; linear algebra, matrices and determinants; and numerical methods

Special Computer Requirements

Course notes, assignment material and interaction facilities available online