Clinical Biostatistics (CLB)

To enable students to use correctly statistical methods of particular relevance to evidence-based health care and to advise clinicians on the application of these methods and interpretation of the results.

Dr Louise Marquart-Wilson The University of Queensland, School of Public Health Semester 2
General outline


Epidemiology, Mathematical Foundations for Biostatistics, Principles of Statistical Inference


Design of Randomised Controlled Trials, Regression Modelling for Biostatistics 1

Time commitment

8-12 hours total study time per week

Semester availability

Semester 2


Assignments 100% (3 written assignments worth 30%, 35%, 35%)

Prescribed Texts

References will be listed in the unit Study Guide

Special Computer Requirements

Stata or R statistical software


Clinical trials (equivalence trials, cross-over trials); Clinical agreement (Bland-Altman methods, kappa statistics, intraclass correlation); Statistical process control (special and common causes of variation; quality control charts); Diagnostic tests (sensitivity, specificity, ROC curves); Meta-analysis (systematic reviews, assessing heterogeneity, publication bias, estimating effects from randomised controlled trials, diagnostic tests and observational studies).


Course notes, online mini-lecture videos, online tutorials, discussion board


* Co-requisite, may be taken before or concurrently.