The Biostatistics Collaboration of Australia (BCA) is a collaboration between 5 Australian Universities to deliver an online program of Postgraduate Biostatistics Courses. We have developed a focused curriculum with a commitment to provide Australia with well-trained professional biostatisticians and upgrade the skills of clinical researchers. The courses provide a sound mathematically-based grounding in statistical methods with a strong emphasis on applications in all areas of health and medical research.

ANZSC 2021 logo

The BCA supports the Australian and New Zealand Statistical Conference ANZSC2021 which will be held 5-9 July 2021 and for the first time will be a virtual (online) conference.​​

This conference brings together three leading statistical communities – the Statistical Society of Australia, the New Zealand Statistical Association – and the Australian Conference on Teaching Statistics. The aim of the Conference is to bring together a broad range of researchers and practitioners across a variety of statistical disciplines to facilitate the exchange of theory, methods and applications.