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Evidence of need for more and better biostatistics...


What is published in scientific journals may not be as true as it should be...

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A shortage of statisticians could delay future health and drug research...

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The statistical error that keeps on coming...

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Understanding uncertanty ...the site that tries to make sense of chance, risk, luck, uncertainty and probability. Mathematics won't tell us what to do, but we think that understanding the numbers can help us deal with our own uncertainty and allow us to look critically at stories in the media.

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Statistics the dream job...

.. with data in huge supply and statisticians in short supply, being a statistician has to be 'the really sexy job for the 2010s.

Presentation by Hal Varian - Chief Economist, Google YouTube

The image of a statistician toiling away in obscurity behind a computer after being handed a pile of data could not be farther from the truth...

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In deciding which ones to include in our (admittedly unscientific) list of the 50 best statistics blogs we considered a range of factors, including visual appeal/aesthetics, frequency of posts, and accessibility to non-specialists. Our goal is to highlight blogs that students and prospective students will find useful and interesting in their exploration of the field. The Best Colleges

Top 50 statistics blogs of 2011




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